About Us

Shahjalal Life Insurance

The Shahjalal Life Insurance vision was important because it was necessary—it should add value to savings and help with financial necessities while providing life insurance. Thirty years later, the Shahjalal Life Insurance board determined to safeguard and support the aspirations of Bangladeshi families. They embarked on a daring and open venture to establish the finest life insurance firm in the nation while forging synergies based on their respective advantages and capabilities. It makes use of Shahjalal Life Insurance’s network advantages while also advertising itself at key sites owned by the parent firm. The goal of Shahjalal Life Insurance is to be the top supplier of the investments, protection plans, and income solutions needed for retirement and financial stability. It has established the nation’s first fully integrated ERP system based on life insurance, along with the maximum transparency and customer service focus, which has made its activities and operations streamlined, highly productive, efficient, and affordable.

Our Mision

To lead the market for life insurance on a local and regional level.

Our Aim

To develop a skilled staff while offering real-time support to policyholders in our home market utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

About Us

Shahjalal Life Insurance Company (Proposed) was founded with the intention of contributing significantly to the process of offering customers financial security and promoting the emergence of long-term capital in the market.

Our Vision

• We favor fundamental principles and values in order to do business responsibly.
• To promote a corporate culture of good governance and safeguard stakeholders' interests.
• To develop novel items to secure the company's long-term expansion, prosperity, and service.
• To provide a uniform management structure that values employees as valued assets.
• To promote ourselves as an insurance sector competitive advantage by being different.